Paper Weaving Makit At Home Supply List

Looking for a fun craft to do at home? We can help with that. This post is part of our Makit at Home series and will include links for all the supplies you need + a video you can follow along (coming soon).

You should have most of these supplies at home already. We will be doing different kinds of paper weaving over the next few days. We will start simple and get more and more advanced as the days go along. If you don't have the supplies, I'm including some amazon links for projects. 

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Paper Weaving.


Supplies to complete this project:

  • paper- this can be construction paper, printer paper, scrapbook paper, etc... Lots of options!
  • Scissors or Paper trimmer
  • Tape or Glue Stick
  • Markers, crayons, or paint
  • Ruler or straight edge (you can use a book!)
  • Pencil