Galway Roving


  • $8.99

A Super Bulky Weight 100% Highland Wool 

Galway Roving is made in Peru and contains 54 yards.

Wool in one of its purest forms, roving. This is a short step from being right off of the sheep. It is a great form of yarn for the projects you might need in the cold nights of winter!

Galway Roving comes in an array of natural colors!

This yarn makes those really cute super bulky hats that you see everywhere! Also is GREAT for the inside of a thrummed mitten. These are the items when the winter gets down to its lowest temps!  

  • 100% Highland Wool
  • 54 yards 
  • Made in Peru
  • US 15/ 2.5 sts = 1”
  • Hand Wash, Dry Flat 

Galway Roving is great to use for:

  • Hats
  • Felting
  • Inside of Thrummed Mitts

Here are a few patterns we love for the Galway Roving:

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