Game Night! Saturday May 7th


***Saturday******May 7***

Do you like to play games? Do your friends or family like to play games together? Makit Takit is hosting a premier night for a new card game called Flock 'Em, and you're invited to come and play!

The game is made and designed by JD Madsen (Elena's awesome artistic husband). It's a family friendly fun group game for ages 5-105. 

We'll have two sessions of play time: 6:30 and 7:30, so sign up for which time slot works best for you. This is a free event! Come with your friends/family to hang out and try a new game with us! It'll be live on kickstarter as well, so this is a chance to try playing it and you can then reserve your own copy. 

Want to check out the game before hand? Here's the info: