Business Mentorship with Christy

Type: Class

Hi. I'm Christy and I own Makit Takit. Helping new and established business owners, people thinking about starting creative businesses, and helping kids with their entreprenuerial journeys is my jam. 

 I've opened up my schedule to for one on one mentorship meetings. These can be in person or on zoom. 

Kid Creative Sessions: This is for anyone between the age of 7-18 who is looking to start a creative business or has a business already and is looking for mentorship and guidance. We will have a special kids booth at our Makit Market (June 5th) where we will be able to feature their work and they can learn about selling to the public, in stores, and online. $25/session 


Business Chat Sessions: This is for anyone who may already have a business or is thinking about starting one. Our first chat will include us getting to know each other and finding out what issues you're facing. We will do some brainstorming and before our next meeting, I will have some customized questions for you. The goal of these chat sessions are for you to feel confident in your next steps and to have manageable goals and systems in place for you to achieve them. There is no minimum set for our sessions but I would suggest preparing for a minimum of 3. $50/session



Christy helped me find resources to order business cards, packaging & shipping materials, design a monogram,& set up an Etsy shop. Eventually, she helped me design a website with Shopify that we used for 8 years.
Christy helped me find a few local opportunities where I was able to display my jewelry and sell it. 
Christy was always available to "nicely" push me outside of my comfort zone to get to my goal of making extra money.
We just retired in 2022 after 11 years in business. 
*over 4000 sales on Etsy
*created a jewelry collection for Dayspring
*over 5000 FB follows
*sold at 100's of craft fairs and markets
*raised money for flood and fire relief in NE and TX