Family Flower Garden Embroidery Class (Virtual via Zoom)

Rossana Diggs Embroidery

  • $40.00


This class is great for beginners and experienced stitchers! You will all receive a Family Flower Garden embroidery kit and some expert instruction from the designer of the kit!

NOTE: This is a virtual class hosted via Zoom. If you do not yet have your kit, make sure it is ordered in time to pick up or ship prior to the class time.

If you already have purchased our Embroidery Kit, the class is free to sign up. Otherwise, select "Embroidery Kit Needed" which includes the class fee and the kit!

You will receive the Zoom link via email after sign up.

About this Class & Kit 

Everything you need to stitch an adorable family garden of flowers is included. There are patterns for 1 flower per month in two sizes so you can fill your embroidery piece with flowers that represent your family or loved ones. I'm excited to stitch up some January Snowdrops and March Daffodils for my kids! 

This embroidery kit has everything you need to design and complete your own Family Flower Garden, an embroidery piece as unique as your family. You will learn up to eight essential stitches and have the templates to design a unique embroidery piece that carries meaning and will be treasured for years to come.

- 1 4" wooden hoop
- 1 piece linen fabric
- 15 colors of embroidery floss (enough to make 2 of any of the flower designs)
- needle
- water soluble (blue) pen
- 26 pattern templates to design your own unique flower garden
- easy To follow instruction guide for each flower
- felt for backing
All this comes in a project bag to keep everything together (that also means minimal packaging)!

If you'd rather just buy the kit and not take the class, you can find those at this link or in the store. 

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