Macrame Plant Hanger Kits

by Notions

Have fun making a cute macrame hanger for your plants! These kits come with everything but the pots! We have a wide range of different kits to pick from. 

The kits provide the cotton cording, wood rings (or wooden sticks), and illustrated instructions. All of the kits are designed to fit pots with a diameter of around 4.5", unless otherwise noted. 


4 Picot Knots Kit: An easy-to-make plant hanger kit with added flair from Picot Knots.

4 Twists Kit: with a twist. It is amazing looking but actually constructed from one of the simplest knots. It makes some cool looking spirals. This is designed to fit most pots about 4.5-inches in diameter.

4 Rings Kit: features a set of wooden rings to accent the knotwork. It is designed to fit most 

3 Beads Kit: This kit is designed to hug the wall while showing off your green thumb skills. 

2 Minis Kit: Do you have some cute mason jars hanging around? This kit is made to creatererate two designs, and they are perfectly sized to hold small (4oz)mason jars.