Kids Craft Kit - Color your Doll - Boy with Stripes T-shirt

This Kids Crafts Kit comes with a doll featuring a boy with stripes t-shirt is made for kids to color and embark on pretend play. It also has a cute tiny backpack that can be strapped to the doll, adding more even more fun to the set. They can be washed and, if the coloring material used is washable, can be colored again. Made with 100% cotton canvas fabric. It is stuffed with hypoallergenic silicone fiber. The size of the doll is 6 1/2" wide and 9" tall and it is firmly stuffed to allow the child to hold and color it. Recommended for children 2+ years old. For handling crayons and markers adult supervision is recommended. The set comes inside a cotton pouch with our printed logo. All our products for coloring come with the washing instructions as well. You can also pair it with our drawstring backpack for coloring ( that can serve as a nice packaging and add value to the set. Kids love it!