Learn to Read A Knitting Pattern AND Fix Mistakes!

Learn to Read A Knitting Pattern AND Fix Mistakes!

Makit Takit

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Have you ever tried to read a knitting pattern but have been confused by all of the abbreviations and symbols? This class is for those of you who know how to knit already but want to learn how to decipher a pattern. Get answers to the following questions:

What exactly is a gauge swatch and is it important?

What do the different weights of yarn mean?

What kind of yarn do I need for this pattern?

What do I do if I drop a stitch?

What is a dropped stitch? 

Why do I keep getting holes in my knitting and how do I fix it?

In this class you will be guided step by step through a pattern that includes abbreviations, asterisks, parentheses, and brackets. You will learn some new techniques and also some valuable tools to help you master most patterns. 

If you are ready to LEVEL UP your knitting game, this is the class for you! 

Prerequisites: Cast On, Knit, Purl, Bind Off

SUPPLIES: You will need to bring your own needles and yarn. Size isn't entirely important for this class but a basic worsted weight or bulky are recommended. If you don't have yarn or needles, we will have plenty to choose from and available for purchase the date of the class. We will use a small amount of yarn.

This class will be taught by Christy Nelson. Christy is the owner of Makit Takit and is a former freelance knit and crochet designer. She continues to knit and crochet and dyes her own line of yarn that is sold at Makit Takit.  



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