Postcards Set

Type: Retail

These postcard sets are awesome to have around at all times! You can send or give one at a time, or send them in a series to the same person, or use them as great pick me ups for anyone in your world\. There are sets for the good times, bad times, silly times, and struggle bus times. 

Empathy Postcards were designed to make it even easier for you to be there when it really matters: during life’s hardest moments, like major illness or loss.  Whether it’s over the duration of a treatment, at any time following a tragedy (not just during the first days or weeks!) or for any particularly difficult few months.

The Pep Talk Kit, makes it joyously easy to brighten people’s days, turn frowns upside down, and serve as a personal cheering section for all the deserving folks in your life. • Go old-school and drop in the mail, frame them for a gallery wall o’ encouragement, slip one under a co-worker’s keyboard, hide one in a friend’s bag—the pep talk possibilities are endless.

  •  Twenty extra-large 5" x 7" postcards with card stock cover
  •  2 each of 10 different designs (20 total postcards)
  •  Postcards require standard letter / first-class mail postage