Procraftinator L'il Zippy Coloring Kit

Type: Retail
A great great combo for gift giving, or as an add on to a pillow cover (use the pouch to store your markers! #winning) This kit includes: One (1) L'il Zippy: 9"x 6" zip pouch One (1) pack It's OK. It's ART. permanent makers (10 vibrant Colors) I hand-draw these designs using pencil and ink, then I digitally scan them, edit the designs for clarity, and then they are digitally printed on decorative zip pouches. The black outline is indelible - it will never wear off, crack, or fade. You (or whoever you gift this to) will turn this zip pouch into cheeky, yet functional, art by unleashing all your creative powers and Coloring your heart out! This design says: Procraftinator You'd rather be crafting, amiright? You'd rather be knitting, sewing, painting, stitching, gluing, or anything else you can make with your hands.