Snuggery Breeze in Knit from Pine Lullaby

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Type: Fabric

Knit fabric with the cutest little otters that makes it special for babies, kids, and adults of all ages. 

This super-soft knit has an adorable gender neutral design.

OTTERS! Can you handle the cuteness? This knit is ready for you to make all. the. things.

Lounge pants! T-shirts! Baby leggings! Scrunchies! 

  • 95% Cotton/ 5% Spandex
  • Knit 
  • 58/60"

Snuggery Breeze is great to use for:

  • lounge pants
  • t-shirts
  • baby leggings
  • scrunchies
  • and more! 

Here are a few patterns we love for Snuggery Breeze: