Stitch Markers and Progress Keepers

Type: Yarn

Some of the cutest stitch markers around! Good luck picking just one!! 

Make your very own set or grab some of the pre-packaged ones :)

Each set is very individualized. They come in different amount of markers ( ), different sizes of needles that the markers fit, and different prices. 

Fits up to:                 

US 5/3.75 mm - Metal Hearts

US 8/5 mm - Small Metal Squares and Stars

US 10/6.5 mm - Large Metal Squares

US 2.5/3 mm - Monstera 

US 9/5.5 mm - Star Origami, Rainbow Mushrooms, Gummy Bears

US 10/6 mm - Robots

US 11/8 mm - Cat Donuts, Cat Heads, Metallic Hearts