Thursday Session 3


This session is Thursday, September 29th from 3pm-5pm. 

All activities will take place at Makit Takit, 4750 Normal Blvd, unless otherwise specified.


Relaxation is both an art and a habit, something you can hone, like any creative craft, making it easier and more enjoyable the more often you do it. True downtime is crucial to creating the life/business/art you desire. In this session, you will explore some of Meredith's favorite techniques to help you move from go-mode to chill with ease. You will leave this session feeling blissfully relaxed and ready to get your relaxation on in your daily life. 

There are 30 spaces available for this class

All-access registration: Included

A la Carte Price: $25

Instructor Bio:

Meredith Wachter (she/her) is a HypKnitist and fiber arts coach. Using a combination of hypnotherapy, somatics and crafting, she works with stressed-out creatives and professionals to help them master the art of relaxation. She currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska and works with clients all across the country via tele-sessions. Her favorite things in life are all the doggos, a good book, the perfect iced coffee and any fiber art she can get her hands on. You can find her on social @makemindful