Traveling Adventure Gnome in His Home

Type: Retail
Gustav is a garden gnome who longs to experience the world beyond his picket fence. Though he makes several attempts to explore, it is only with the help and love of an imaginative child that his dream becomes a reality. If My Gnome on the Roam ® were an ordinary children’s book, the story would end there. But the adventure is only beginning...
How it works...You get your gnome (Adopt him from Makit Takit); Design your gnome with paint, markers, colors, embellishments, and anything else you can think of to design your gnome; then take him with you everywhere you go- take pictures of your gnome on the adventures and don't forget to join in on the fun either on the Gnome on the Roam app or website.  
Includes:  Customizable Gnome and a home for the Gnome!  Kids can explore, create, and have hours of fun with this craft!!