Tuesday Session 1


This session is Tuesday, September 27th from 9am-11am. 

All activities will take place at Makit Takit, 4750 Normal Blvd, unless otherwise specified.



THESE SESSIONS ARE HELD AT SayDoSay Pottery Studio: 1527 N. Cotner Blvd. This is about 10 minutes from Makit Takit and 15-20 minutes from the Residence Inn. Please plan accordingly. If you don't have your own transportation, we will be coordinating rides.  


“Studio Rules, How Limits, Boundaries and Habits can UNLEASH your Creativity!”
We know that creative constraints can help us to be more creative; what if we applied that same idea to our studio practice? Learn the unexpected rules that will free you to make art more confidently, joyfully and more often.

There are 30 spaces available in each time slot. 

All-access registration: Included

A la Carte Price: $20

Instructor Bio:

Elaine Luther is an independent studio artist with a sense of humor. Her mission is to make art that’s brave, vulnerable and true. Her art has been exhibited in Chicago, across the country and in the U.K.  She is on the Marketing and Membership Committee at Woman Made Gallery and worked for Free Fly Marketing doing done for you social media services for a wide variety of clients.

Whether you are a curious newcomer to Metaphysics and Divination or one who has studied extensively, you are welcome and invited to join us during this session.

Carissa will source information from the Divine and your Spirit Team, and share with you the cards that would be of the highest benefit for you in your present circumstances. 

There are 5 spaces available in each time slot. 

All-access registration: Included

A la Carte Price: $65

These will be held at Spirit Upload, 3071 N Street. You will park on the street and enter in the side door. This is about a 10 minute drive from Makit Takit and a 20 minute drive from the Residence Inn. 

Instructor Bio:

My soul contract is to guide others into alignment with their Divine Purpose and Soul Mission, using the many different tools of Divination. I assist you in tapping into your own Ancient Wisdom and connecting with your high self. Some of the intuitive techniques that I use to channel Spirit are: pendulum readings, chakra balancing, oracle readings, gem dropping, personalized crystal body gridding, custom jewelry design, and flower Essence Therapy