Tuesday Session 3


This session is Tuesday, September 27th from 3pm-5pm. 

All activities will take place at Makit Takit, 4750 Normal Blvd, unless otherwise specified.


Whether you are representing your own large lifestyle brand or just wanting to improve your own personal style, Korinne is ready to help us all reach our fashion potential. Included in this class is a personal measurement and a card you can keep with your most important measurements for undergarments, making your own garments, and online shopping. 

There are 10 spaces available for this class

All-access registration: Included

A la Carte Price: $15

Instructor Bio:

Korinne Zimmerman is a fashion designer specializing in plus size women’s clothing. She attended Memphis College of Art briefly enough to discover she was more crafty and less arty and has been crafting happily away ever since. In 2017, she earned her degree in Fashion and Textile Design and won the Fashion Cup as an emerging designer at Omaha Fashion Week.



Tunisian crochet is what you get when knitting and crochet meet up and make a beautiful fabric suitable for bags, blankets, garments and more. This class could be for absolute beginners but would be better suited for those of you who already have some basics of either crochet or knitting. 

You will get a tunisian hook to keep and all of the other supplies you need to create a fabric-lined, zippered pouch. 

There are 6 spaces available for this class.

All-access registration: Included

A la Carte Price: $40

Instructor Bio:

Julia Franken is the head yarnicorn and lead knitting/crochet teacher at Makit Takit. She was taught by her Grandma and Great-Grandma to crochet when she was around the age of ten. When she got a little older, she closed that door and went on with life thinking she wasn’t crafty at all. After having her children, she picked up her crochet hook, quickly followed by some knitting needles! Julia now keeps adding and collecting new crafts left and right!



Dive in and explore the art of block printing. Using basic shapes, your own illustrations or even an image you are inspired by, this process is sure to jump start a new medium for you. Once your block print is complete you will be able to make prints on paper or even decorate your favorite boring shirt with pizzazz! Kelly Affleck of Tomato Tomato Creative will guide you through this process and provide all the tools and instruction for your success.

There are 20 spaces available for this class.

All-access registration: Included

A la Carte Price: $50

Instructor Bio
Kelly of Tomato Tomato Creative, helps kids and adults alike unlock their creative selves with, DIY craft kits and creative workshops. Her workshops are based on the process of art and creative exploration to boost one's own inspiration.