Tunisian Crochet Hook Set - Knitter's Pride

by Notions

Jam packed tunisian crochet set! It has everything and MORE! 

With it's perfect points and flawlessly tapered joins; they are ideal for all yarns and every project. These hooks have a smooth wood surface that insures effortless yarn glide  Easy to connect cord with smooth join means easy stitch flow with no snagging. Resilient, flexible cord lays flat. 

Set Includes:

  • Twelve Hooks Sizes  E/3.5mm, F/3.75mm, G/4.0mm, 7/4.5mm, H/5.0mm, I/5.5mm, J/6.0mm, K/6.5mm, L/8.0mm, M/9.0mm, N/10mm, and 12mm (five inches each in length)
  • Six cords (two each of 24, 32, and 40 in)
  • sizes12 end caps
  • 6 cord keys
  • one set of cord connectors
  • magnets for the pattern holder - the case folds out to be a pattern holder!
  • 20 colorful stitch markers
  • One pen that matches the hooks (for taking notes on your pattern!)
  • A vegan leather case with a spacious pocket to store all the accessories and extras