Wednesday Session 1


This session is Wednesday, September 28th from 9am-11am.

All activities will take place at Makit Takit, 4750 Normal Blvd, unless otherwise specified.

Introduction to the Pottery Wheel (Single Session) 

This class is a single session and will allow the campers to learn how to prep your clay and use a pottery wheel. You will be able to choose your glaze but that will be added by the instructor after its first firing. Finished work will be available for pick up on Saturday at noon. Shipping is available and will cost an additional $10. UP TO 5 PEOPLE.

There are 5 spaces available for this class

All-access registration: Included

A la Carte Price: $60

THESE SESSIONS ARE HELD AT SayDoSay Pottery Studio: 1527 N. Cotner Blvd. This is about 10 minutes from Makit Takit and 15-20 minutes from the Residence Inn. Please plan accordingly. If you don't have your own transportation, we will be coordinating rides.  

Instructor Bio:

These classes will take place at SayDoSay Pottery Studio and will be taught by Mollie Leisinger. She is the artist and educator who founded SayDoSay Pottery Studio. Mollis has a Fine Arts degree from UNL, taught art for nearly a decade, and is now sharing and showcasing her work and talents in her own space. 



Do you desire "rocking out" in beautiful gemstone jewelry, but aren't sure which crystals to choose? 

Whether you are a curious newcomer to Metaphysics and Divination or one who has studied extensively, you are welcome and invited to join us during this session.

Carissa will source information from the Divine and your Spirit Team, and share with you the crystals that would be of the highest benefit for you in your present circumstances. 

You will learn about the healing properties of the crystals in a way that is very personal to you.

We will also make a bracelet of a crystal to wear home that day.

All gemstones used in this class are genuine, hand picked, and ethically sourced.

There are 5 spaces available in each time slot. 

All-access registration: Included

A la Carte Price: $65

These will be held at Spirit Upload, 3071 N Street. You will park on the street and enter in the side door. This is about a 10 minute drive from Makit Takit and a 20 minute drive from the Residence Inn. 

Instructor Bio:

My soul contract is to guide others into alignment with their Divine Purpose and Soul Mission, using the many different tools of Divination. I assist you in tapping into your own Ancient Wisdom and connecting with your high self. Some of the intuitive techniques that I use to channel Spirit are: pendulum readings, chakra balancing, oracle readings, gem dropping, personalized crystal body gridding, custom jewelry design, and flower Essence Therapy



Join artist and maker Robert Mahar in a playful introduction to suminagashi, a Japanese marbling technique that creates beautifully muted patterns of color to be transferred onto paper and fabric. Learn best practices for working with these specially formulated floating inks and creative ways to manipulate them on the surface of a water bath. The resulting marbled designs will be captured on a variety of papers and silk handkerchiefs.

All materials provided. Each student will have access to marbling inks, brushes, water pan, paper and silk handkerchiefs. Please wear clothing and shoes that you won’t mind potentially getting splashed with water and (potentially, but unlikely!) stained with ink.

There are 12 spaces available in each time slot. 

All-access registration: Included

A la Carte Price: $75

Instructor Bio:

Robert Mahar is a California-based artist, designer, maker and embroidery enthusiast who teaches clever do-it-yourself projects and develops imaginative craft inspired products. He’s also a proud alumni of the inaugural season of NBC’s crafting competition show Making It with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. With an education in studio arts and art history, he has worked in a variety of creative fields including 13 years as an appraiser of modern and contemporary art. Learn more about Robert, explore his video tutorial archive and shop his collection of curious embroidery samplers at


Made with knit fabric, 90’s style scrunchie straps, and deep pockets, this casual jumpsuit is sure to become a favorite. This project is great for an advanced beginner, we will be using both a sewing machine and serger to complete this project. A pattern will be drafted for your size. This class takes up two sessions. The first session will be pattern drafting and cutting. The second session will be for sewing. Our sewing studio will be open during breaks as well, if you feel like you need a little more time. 

Fabric is NOT INCLUDED in your registration. You will need to bring your own or purchase from our inventory. You'll need 3 1/2 yards of your main pattern and 1/2 yard for the contrasting fabric. This should be a knit fabric that is not see-through (unless you fancy that!). 

If you'd like to take advantage of a discount from Spoonflower, Robert Mahar has a discount code for us to use. It is RobertMahar20 and that will get you 20% off your purchase. We will also have knit fabric available at the store for purchase ranging in prices from $12-$18.99/yard. 

There are 6 spaces available for this class

All-access registration: Included

A la Carte Price: $50

Instructor Bio:

Korinne Zimmerman is a fashion designer specializing in plus size women’s clothing. She attended Memphis College of Art briefly enough to discover she was more crafty and less arty and has been crafting happily away ever since. In 2017, she earned her degree in Fashion and Textile Design and won the Fashion Cup as an emerging designer at Omaha Fashion Week.