Zoom Loom


Weave on the go with the Schacht Zoom Loom, a modern version of the pin loom.

Create a 4" woven square in minutes — yarn is wound on the Zoom Loom in three layers and then woven together with a needle on the fourth pass. Sew or crochet the squares together and you have a finished piece! Mix and match colors, textures, and yarns to make unique, creative designs.

Small, efficient, and compact, the Zoom Loom is easy to take with you. It also features:

  • Sloping interior edges to guide your weaving needle
  • Extended sides that are comfortable and easy to hold
  • A handy slot to hold your starting yarn without knotting
  • Molded-in instructions on the front and back — always there when you need them

The loom comes with a 6" weaving needle, a 3" yarn needle (for sewing squares together and tucking in ends) and a full-color instruction book that includes three project tutorials.

 Made in the USA, the loom measures 6" × 6" with a 3¼" × 3¼" interior opening.