Makit Sew: Private Lessons & MORE!

Type: Class

Have you ever wanted to learn more about sewing, but something got in the way? Maybe you couldn't make the class time work with your schedule, maybe you are a beginner and need a more 1 on 1 lesson style, or maybe you need extra help with a more advanced project. There are all kinds of reasons you might want a private lesson with us. 

Classes may include use of the studios Bernina sewing machines, private instructional time, and reference guides and/or patterns to take home. All classes include fabric. For the upcycled classes, you are encouraged to bring in some old t-shirts. 

This is the place to schedule those lessons. We offer many options for private lessons and they will continue to grow and change as we are always adding more to our list. They will range in price and length depending on the craft we are working on. 

Currently Offering These Classes:

Sewing 101 - 2 hours

This is a great starter class for anyone wanting to become comfortable using our studio Bernina sewing machines. You will learn how to use the machine, do some basic stitches, and even some buttonholes! At the end of the class, you will have made a drawstring bag and gained a new skill. All materials are included. 

Learn Our Machines - 1 Hour

This is a class for those of you who already has sewing experience and want to come in and work with our machines on your own. Maybe you have a project you would like to work on but don't currently have a sewing machine at your house. Learn all the ins and outs of our machines so that you are able to use our machines on your own. After taking this class you are welcome to use the machine through purchasing Studio Hours. 

Project Help - 2 hour minimum 

Do you have a project you've been struggling with or nervous to start?

Our sewing expert wants to help you get it done! Bring in your project and your questions, and we will provide you with one-on-one help to get that project done!

You can sign up for individual instruction in two-hour blocks, but depending on your experience and the scope of your project, the time it will take to complete will vary. 

Most projects could likely be finished in 3 - 6 hours. Your project does not need to be completed in one full session, but could be broken up into different days if you'd like.

Machine Mastery - 2 hours 

Do you have a sewing machine you just aren't really sure how to use?

Our sewing expert wants to help you get to know your sewing machine or serger! She'll help you learn all the basics of your machine so that you can finally get to all the sewing projects you've been wanting to do!

You will learn: How to thread your machine, how to troubleshoot, machine care, how to use your machine and any other question you may have will be addressed.  Make sure to BRING YOUR MACHINE! 

Wrap Cardigan - 4 Hours *  sign up for 2 sessions (can be on different days)

Sew a beginner friendly wrap cardigan that can be worn several ways. Students will learn how to draft their own pattern directly on the fabric they choose from our knit fabric stash. This is a great introduction to working with knit fabric!

Upcycle Tunic - 4 Hours *  sign up for 2 sessions (can be on different days)

Sew a beginner friendly upcycled tunic from old t-shirts. Students will cut out pattern pieces selected from a variety of t-shirts (you can bring some of your own for a more personal piece). Trim fabric and t-shirts are included in the price of this class. 

Upcycled Peplum Top - 4 hours *  sign up for 2 sessions (can be on different days) 

Same description as the upcycle tunic except you will be making a peplum top. 

* Add a friend and save! Choose the friend booking option and you will be able to bring someone along to your class.