Makit Anytime at the Craft Studio!

At our craft studio in Lincoln, Nebraska, you can come in and craft any time during our open studio hours! We accept both reservations and walk-ins and have many awesome projects available. Check out our menu below!

Monday - Friday: 11:00 - 7:00

Saturday: 10:00 - 3:00


Earn badges by completing a craft from each of the Makit categories below! Ask a member of staff how to get started! For every 5 badges you earn, you’ll get to spin our prize wheel! Earn at least 1 badge from each level to qualify as a MAKIT MASTER!

Makit Masters are featured on our Master Wall, earn a swag bag full of crafty goodness, and are entered to win a $100 Makit Takit gift card!

Makit Masters



Sublimation Ink Crafts-


Using our super special paints and markers from Artesprix you will create your very own design on paper. Then we will use heat to transfer your design onto your choice of an item...we have drink tumblers, bookmarks, bags, socks, and more!!!

Makit Monthly


$10 / person

Fluffy, crunchy, clear and more options available for your slime connoisseurs. Keep the making mess here and take home some special slime (container included).

Acrylic Pour
$20 / person

You’ll get an 8” x 10” canvas and you can try out the “dirty pour” technique to make a unique piece of art. These take a few days to dry so you’ll need to come back to pick them up. Or for $1 you can get a box to take home your project in.

$25/ Person

Draw or trace- then paint or color your design on our template using our special iron-on ink markers and paint. We will use heat to transfer the design to the tumbler.

$10 - $20

Draw or trace- then paint and color your design on paper using our special iron-on markers and paints. Then we use heat to transfer the design on to the socks, keychains, or zipper pouches and more!

UV Resin
$25/ Person

Use our UV resin with a variety of mix-ins to make one-of-a-kind jewelry or keychains. Price includes 4 items.

$10 - $15

Paint and embellish! Sizes, shapes and prices will vary.

$10 - $15

Paint and embellish! Sizes, shapes and prices will vary.


Paint a background on an 8” x 10” canvas and embellish with buttons.

$15 - $30

Choose from our supply of larger wood shapes and door signs to paint and embellish.

Elastic Art

Press nails into cork creating a shape and then use colorful elastics to fill in the design. Great project for kids and adults.

String Art

Paint or stain the wood, hammer the nails using a template and then cross cross your string! This project can take close to 2 hours to complete depending on chosen design.

Macrame Keychain

Make your very own Macrame Keychain using either a spiral or a square shape knots.

Pom Pom Creature
$10 - $15

Make a cute animal, monster, person, robot, and the list goes on! Make a big, fluffy pom pom and embellish it to make it your very own!

Sock Animals
$10 Each

Do some simple hand sewing and stuff adorable animals made from socks! Add some buttons, felt, or other embellishments to finish them off!

Felt Food Keychains
2 for $10

Use our colorful felt cut out food to create your own keychains. We have pieces to create a donut, a slice of pizza, or a pop tart. Price includes 2 food pieces. You will be hand sewing and gluing for this project.

Felt Monsters
1 Large or 2 Small for $10

Use our colorful cut out felt monster pieces to sew and glue your one of a kind creation.

Bracelet, Necklace, Ring, or Keychain

Hand stamp each letter, symbol, or texture using a hammer and stamp. Turn it into a necklace, bracelet, keychain, ring, or bookmark. Prices, Shapes, and Colors will vary.


Learn how to use polymer clay to make jewelry and keychains. Several colors to and styles to choose. Price includes making 4 items.

Sugar Scrub
$12.50 Each

Perfect for rubbing the rough skin away, this sugar scrub recipe is perfect for using to wash your hands or scrub your body. You get to pick the color and scent.

Bath Bombs

Choose the color and scent and make a batch of mini bath bombs. These will take a few days at home to dry before being used in the bath.

Felt Pennants
$10 Each

Use our templates and embellishments to create a one of kind pennant.

Felt Flower Wall Hanging

Start with a wooden frame. Paint it and then glue in all the flowers your imagination sees pluse get full use of our embellishment bar!

Wood Burning

Use our tools to burn a design into a special cut of wood. Prices vary depending on size.

Shrinky Dink Projects

Make a variety of shrinky dink charms and you can turn them into a keychain, charm bracelet, or little magnets. You get a piece of shrink film and you can make as many charms as you can fit on the sheet!