Welcome to Makit Takit!

Makit Takit has been a Lincoln, NE crafting destination since 2016. We used to be called Lincoln Craft Studio, but in 2017 we decided “Makit Takit” (with the long-A sounds) was more our style, so we went for it.

Our store has re-located to the corner of 48th & Normal Boulevard and there we have our main studio area, a sewing annex, and a craft cave! It’s a regular Makit Takit compound!

Take a moment to read a little bit about all of us who work so hard to make the store a fun and inviting place. We can’t wait to see you!

Meet Christy! The Owner

Christy is a lifelong maker of all things. She had a craft blog from 2004-2011, did freelance knitting and crochet patterns, ran a social media marketing business and eventually made her dream come true by opening her own retail space in 2016 to share her love of making with the community.

Favorite Craft:


Favorite Drink:

Diet Dr. Pepper


Carl is Christy’s husband, and he can be spotted around the studio helping out with projects when he isn’t busy at his professor gig at UNL. Caleb (18) and Eva (16) show up whenever they feel like it. Christy’s mom, Darla (aka Makit Mom), is now retired and hopes to spend a lot more time at the studio helping out.

Where you’ll find her:

Christy can often be found at her desk working on her computer. You might spy her spiky purple hair behind the tall counter. She’s always got big ideas for the store and you never know what she might come up with next!

Meet Elena! The OG Employee

When Elena was about 5, she attended a church craft day with her mom and ever since then, she knew that it was a cool thing to do. She enjoys learning new skills, and loves helping people see their crafting visions come to reality. In 2015, she was chatting with Christy about wanting to find a job that was fun and still allowed her to be a mom full-time too. Christy said, “We’ll, I’m wanting to open a craft store.” The rest is history.

Favorite Craft:


Favorite Treat:

Hot Chocolate! No matter the temperature outside.

When she’s not crafting:

Elena can be found hanging with her awesome family. She and Josh, and kids: Huck (12), Harper (8), and Hemingway (2), love to play board games, watch movies, listen to musicals, explore outdoors, and ride rollercoasters together.

Where you’ll find her:

You’ll usually find Elena helping people make their crafty dreams come true and possibly also holding Hemingway (the shop kid). She loves to find ways to personalize your project with a design from her computer and the vinyl cutter.

Meet Marci! The Craft Manager

Born right here in Lincoln, Nebraska, Marci has combined her love of crafting with her love for kids into being the studio’s Summer Camp Teacher and Craft Manager. She loves painting door hangers and teaching others new things. Marci spent many years in Girl Scouts crafting as a child, then moved into painting and drawing classes in high school. Marci couldn’t be happier to be the one showing all of the kids neat and cool crafts!

Favorite Craft:

Painting!! The messier, the better!


The colors green and pink, funky leggings, being outdoors, camping, Diet Dr. Pepper, Scooters coffee, playing with babies, painting and the movie Inside Out.


Marci’s husband, Scott, and her have 4 kids – Nicole (20), Dylan (15), Kaylee (13), and Chelsey (11). They have 3 rescue dogs named Fenix, Spirit, and Dahlia. All of the dogs dogs are black mixed breeds. They also have a blue tongue skink named Marley and a Red Eared Slider Turtle named Crush. Their family enjoys camping, biking, hiking, baseball, board games, and crafting. You can usually find one or more of her kids in the studio helping out or crafting.

Where you’ll find her:

All over! Teaching classes, kids camps, making slime, playing with preschoolers or sitting in a corner painting away. Move quick though, because she doesn’t like to be still for long!

Meet Julia! The Yarn Manager

Julia was taught by her Grandma and Great-Grandma to crochet when she was around the age of ten. When she got a little older, she closed that door and went on with life thinking she wasn’t crafty at all. After having her children, she picked up her crochet hook, quickly followed by some knitting needles! Julia now keeps adding and collecting new crafts left and right!

Favorite Craft:

Knitting (but really anything yarny!)

Favorite Color:


Life outside the store:

Julia has a busy life that includes her amazing husband Nick, 4 rambunctious children, a herd of pets, and an extensive list of family and friends. They keep her on her toes, full of laughter, and full of support.

Where you’ll find her:

Julia teaches classes and takes her title of the “Head Yarnicorn” very seriously! She loves to teach classes full of love, support, laughter, and color! If you are walking into the store, you might catch her doing another one of her favorite things: helping customers with selections of color, yarn type, and maybe showing them a new craft they have never tried before.

Meet Korinne! Sewing Expert

Korinne is a fashion designer specializing in plus size women’s clothing. She attended Memphis College of Art briefly enough to discover she was more crafty and less arty and has been crafting happily away ever since. In 2017, she earned her degree in Fashion and Textile Design and won the Fashion Cup as an emerging designer at Omaha Fashion Week.

Favorite Craft:


Favorite Color:

Burnt Orange

She collects:

Vintage Sewing Notions, Black Cat Figurines, and Shoe Figurines

Where you’ll find her:

In the sewing annex, testing patterns or behind her laptop designing new products at the store.

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