Welcome to Makit Takit!

Makit Takit has been a Lincoln, NE crafting destination since 2016. We used to be called Lincoln Craft Studio, but in 2017 we decided “Makit Takit” (with the long-A sounds) was more our style, so we went for it.

Our store has moved to the corner of 48th & Normal Boulevard in 2021 and there we have our main studio area and a "craft cave" in the building behind us where we hold our camps and some specialty classes. It’s a regular Makit Takit compound!

Take a moment to read a little bit about all of us who work so hard to make the store a fun and inviting place. We can’t wait to see you!

Meet Christy! The Owner (she/her)

Christy is the creative business owner and founder of Makit Takit, a drop-in craft studio in Lincoln, Nebraska. A true boss, Christy enjoys the strategic business planning as much as making things. This has lead to her expanding her business to include a mobile pop-up splatter unit, a yearly maker market, business mentoring/retreats, and a grown-up craft camp called Makit Together. She loves to travel and go to therapy.

Favorite Craft:


Favorite Drink:

Diet Dr. Pepper


Carl is Christy’s husband, and he can be spotted around the studio helping out with projects when he isn’t busy as an associate dean for the college of engineering at UNL. Their kids are now adults and show up whenever they feel like it. Christy’s mom, Darla (aka Makit Mom), is now retired and hopes to spend a lot more time at the studio helping out.

Where you’ll find her:

Christy can often be found at her desk working on her computer in her office. She’s always got big ideas for the store and you never know what she might come up with next!

Meet Julia! The Yarn Manager (she/her)

Julia was taught by her Grandma and Great-Grandma to crochet when she was around the age of ten. When she got a little older, she closed that door and went on with life thinking she wasn’t crafty at all. After having her children, she picked up her crochet hook, quickly followed by some knitting needles! Julia now keeps adding and collecting new crafts left and right!

Favorite Craft:

Knitting (but really anything yarny!)

Favorite Color:


Life outside the store:

Julia has a busy life that includes her amazing husband Nick, 4 rambunctious children, a herd of pets, and an extensive list of family and friends. They keep her on her toes, full of laughter, and full of support.

Where you’ll find her:

Julia teaches classes and takes her title of the “Head Yarnicorn” very seriously! She loves to teach classes full of love, support, laughter, and color! If you are walking into the store, you might catch her doing another one of her favorite things: helping customers with selections of color, yarn type, and maybe showing them a new craft they have never tried before.

Meet Sarah! The Mom-ager (she/her)

Sarah is equally comfortable with the fiddliest of hand stitching or a table saw. She learned to cross stitch, embroider, and sew as a child and has been using these skills ever since. With an education background she enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. 

Favorite Craft: English Paper Piecing

Family: Married with two children and two dogs.

When she’s not crafting: Her interests include history, historic preservation, and learning new skills.

Where you’ll find her: From teaching sewing lessons to helping kids make slime, Sarah can be found anywhere in the studio!

Meet Caroline! Craft Asst. Manager (they/she)

Caroline has enjoyed creating things her whole life. From photography to video editing to music, being creative has always been a love of theirs. 

Favorite Craft: Painting or Miniature making

Favorite Musical: Into the Woods

Life Outside of Work: Caroline has an active social life with theatre, music, and spending time with friends.

Where you’ll find them: Usually they are behind a computer creating social media posts to show off the studio’s new and fun crafts.

Meet Laurelei! Craft Studio Specialist (she/her)

Laurelei has always been creating for as long as she can remember. From growing up on a farm and helping her grandmother in the garden, to moving to Lincoln and getting her degree in Theatre Design/Tech building sets, she has always been finding different ways to flex her creativity. After a few years working professionally in the theatre industry, she decided to put down the hammer and pick up a brush... or even just throwing paint with her hands!!!

Favorite Craft: Acrylic Pouring or Wood Burning

Favorite Treat: Cosmic Brownie Ice Cream! (Yes it IS a thing!)

Life Outside of Work: Laurelei is a huge fantasy fan, so when she isn't crafting she either has her head in a book or is planning her next Dungeons & Dragons foray!

Where you’ll find her: You'll usually find Laurelei out on the craft floor helping out anyone with their crafty needs, or getting something down from a high place as the tallest employee.

Meet Erica! Party Host and Craft Studio Specialist (she/her)

Favorite Craft:


Favorite Color:


Life outside the store:

Erica loves spending time with her family, paddleboarding, and collecting ducks. Ask her about her pets!

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