Splatter Party – Adult or Youth



Add a 12 x 16 Party Canvas Souvenir

Add on a Cookie Decorating Kit to your party. 12 Cookies + Frosting & Sprinkles.

About This Party

Get your friends together for some splattering! Each crafter will plan out and prepare their 8x10 canvas. We will have some vinyl sticker shapes and painters tape to cover different areas of the canvas prior to splatter. Want a sticker shape we don't have already? We can do some other shapes at an additional cost of $1 per sticker. Just ask us and we will see if it is a shape we can get. Crafters can also paint a background color before going into the splatter room. Everyone will put on a full body suit to cover their clothing and head into the splatter room to splatter paint all over their canvases. "Pizza boxes" that each crafter gets to decorate will give everyone a clean and safe way to take their very wet paintings home!

This party is for ages 5 and up.


A private party time gets you the entire studio just for your group. You’ll get a Makit Takit Hostess all to yourself. We do the chosen craft with the crafters and all of the clean-up. (Max 25 crafters)


A party during open hours gets you a reserved table for your group to craft at a discounted rate. Our Makit Takit Staff will gather supplies, walk your group through the project, and take care of the clean-up. Our staff will also be helping others in the studio during this time. (Max 12 crafters)

Additional Crafters

The standard party package is for up to 8 crafters. You may add additional crafters for $25 each. You will pay any extras on the day of your party.