Class Descriptions

The following classes will be available at Makit Together.

All-inclusive Ticket Holders will sign up for classes beginning August 31st.

A la Carte Tickets will be available starting September 5th.

Intro to Pottery Wheel Intro to Slab Building

Intro to Pottery Wheel will be offered as a 3 session class or a 1 session class. In the 3 session class, you will use the wheel, trim, and glaze. In the 1 session class you will use the wheel and the instructor will glaze your creation. Intro to Slab Building is a 1 session class and the instructor will be glazing your piece. Instructor: Mollie Liesinger from SayDoSay Pottery Studio in Lincoln, NE.

Macrame Tree of Life

In this class you will be making an 8" tree of life. This macrame project is great for beginners and experienced crafters. You will get to choose from a variety of color or use your own ice-dyed cord from one of our other classes.