**Adults Only** Color Your Own Pillow Cover Kit

It's OK. It's ART.

  • $26.98

Each Kit Includes:

  • 18" x 18" removable pillow cover
  • 10 pack of It's OK. It's ART. dual-tipped permanent markers
  • Colouring Tips & Tricks card

Bonus: Cut-out colouring card on back of box!

You'll love colouring again, I swear. I hand-draw these designs using pencil and ink, then I digitally scan them, edit the designs for clarity, and then they are digitally printed on decorative pillow covers. The black outline is indelible - it will never wear off, crack, or fade. It's OK. It's ART. dual-tipped permanent markers use alcohol-based ink which allows for remarkable blending and creativity in colouring. Colouring art needs to be heat set using a dryer or 30 mins on high, in order to set the ink.

Made in Canada

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