Au Natural Kits


These kits feature the American Maid natural color cotton yarns by Lunatic Fringe. The cotton is raised on farms participating in the Sustainable Cotton PRoject that are committed to using fewer chemicals, biological pest control and non-GMO seeds.

There three variations:

Napkins:​ Theyhave 2 color and weave patterns-one for the border and one for the body. Instructions are included to change the combinations.
Two colorways: Natural/Brown and Natural/Green
                      Sett: 10 e.p.i.       Finished size: 13" square/hemmed

Placemats:The four placemat color and weave set is available in two natural colors: green (CA) or golden brown (NM) and the colors deepen with washing! Sett: 10 e.p.i. Finished size (after hemming) is 12.5" W x 16.5" L.

Towels: This kit makes two towels and features natural green (CA) and natural golden brown (NM) cottons and the colors deepen with washing!                     Sett: 10 e.p.i. Finished size (after hemming) is 13.5" w x 22" L.