Bamboo Flexible Tunisian Crochet Hook


Tunisian Crochet is on the rise these days! These are great staple hooks to get you started on your journey! 

These Flixible Tunisian hooks are available in four different lengths ranging from 24" (60 cm) to 60" (150 cm) and are made just like the ChiaoGoo fixed bamboo circulars. They have fantastic joins and pliable, clear, nylon cables with a nickel-plated, copper join that is glued and crimped to guarantee no seperation. The hook swivels freely on the cable. size is permanently laser imprinted on each hook. The end cap is a lightweight wood. 

We currently only carry the 24" Size H hooks as we find them a GREAT size and length to dive into your tunisian crochet journey. We have access to all of the sizes so if you don't see what you need here let us know and we can custom order one for you! 

Material: Bamboo