Color Your Own Tool Tin

Type: Yarn

How fun!! This is a Knitter's Tool Tin that you can personalize! That's right, color-your-own Knitter's Tool Tin! This special label is made from kraft paper, which has a lovely texture to it and which does not require sealant. You can be like me and go all in with all of the colors. Or If you like a cool neutral, keep it just as it is with a very minimalist look. The options are endless! 

The Tins Include:
• Black metal tin (silver inside) measuring 3 3/4" long, 2 3/8" wide, 3/4" deep
• Wooden knitting needle gauge in the shape of a yarn ball, printed with both US & UK sizes on the back and sizing US 1-11/2.25-9.0 mm needles
• Row counter stitch marker, strung with sparkling acrylic beads - counts up to 99 rows
• Sheep shaped retractable measuring tape – measures up to 40"
• Razor-sharp miniature scissors measuring approximately 1 3/4" tall
• Double ended crochet hook measuring 2 1/2" long, in sizes 2.0 and 3.5 mm
• 5 handmade, origami star stitch markers to fit up to US 8/5 mm needles
• 5 removable stitch markers in brightly colored plastic (great for seaming, too!)
• Stitch holder measuring 2 1/2" long
• U-shaped cable needle measuring approximately 2" long
• 3 needles stored on a tiny, strong magnet in the lid - large eyed blunt needle, large eyed sharp needle, and sewing needle.