Snarky Crafter Designs Needle Minders


Never lose your needle, create unnecessary holes or get a rust stain from needles left in your needlework. These magnetic needle minders are custom drawn, cast with hard enamel, and a VERY strong magnet to hep keep those needles easy to keep track of. To use, simply slide the two magnets apart, place the top of your minder on the front of your project and place the second magnet underneath your project.

Feeling Stabby? If you stitch, you know you have the patience to stab something at least 5000 times.. and this is a great place to hold onto that needle when you are stabbing stuff with

Featuring a floss spool along with a needle and thread spelling out the phrase "Feeling stabby" since embroidery and cross stitch are just proof you have the patience to stab something 8000 times. 

Celebrate the Covid19 vaccine! Grab a funny little minder celebrating your poke in the arm. We'll all be glad to see Coronavirus go away forever, and a big step in that process is getting Vaxxed!

Just one more row

Feeling stabby? Well, embroidery or cross stitch is proof you have the patience to stab something 4000 times! Quite the life skill!