Dye Packets


Dye your OWN yarn in colors inspired by the beautiful colors of many fun beverages! 

The dye packets included in the kit will allow you to dye semisolids, variegated or speckled skeins in your kitchen, your friend’s kitchen, or your break room! (Yes, you can dye them in you microwave!)

All you needs is this packet, water, heat, and a blank canvas of yarn! 

These packets will allow you to dye semisolids, variegated, or speckled skeins in your kitchen! You can also use your friend's kitchen or even your break room!! (Yes, you can dye in the microwave!) 

Let these little packets of fun help you explore your artistic side! 

Make up a skein to make a cool pair of socks, make the perfect color you were wanting but couldn't find anywhere, make several and do a custom fade kit. The options are really endless! 

PS if you are looking for that blank slate of yarn...look no further! We have plenty in the shop to choose from!!