Eden Project Bags by Della Q

by della Q

You can never have enough project bags, especially when our brand new Fabric Print Eden Project Bags are too cute to pass up!

The small bags are 11"w x 12"h bags and can hold any small 1-2 skein projects plus any additional notions you may have. 

The large bags are 14.5"w x 16.5"h. with an Interior Pocket: 4"w x 4"h can hold any medium to large-sized project plus any additional notions you may have. The drawstring closure keeps projects secured inside 


Yarn Bombing by Jeni Paltiel - Created with purple lovers in mind, this pattern is aptly named for its cute-as-a-button yarn bombing motif. 

Knitted Rows by Hanna Mason - It's a maker's connection visually brought to life. This motif depicts friends holding hands wearing knitted and crocheted garments.