Emotional Support Chicken SAL

Type: sewing

 Do you ever want to just cuddle a chicken?? Or maybe you had no idea you ever had such a want until this very minute! May is Mental Health Awareness month. For our part we wanted to spread happiness via chickens! Lots and lots of chickens! Join our little flock! These sew-a-long chicken stuffies are great to hold and cuddle. Don't sew? We have lots of other craft chicken projects to lift your spirit! 


  • Printed Instructions
  • Fabric for one large chicken or 4 small chicks
  • Orange felt for beak
  • Red felt for Comb and/or Wattle
  • Bean Bag for Added Weight and polybeads for chicks
  • Button eyes

You Will Need:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Pins or fabric clips
  • Stuffing (available if you sew this in studio)