Puzzle Exchange Days


Love doing puzzles?  Have some you are finished with?  Well then this is the day for you!!!  Bring in a puzzle- complete- no missing pieces- not damaged- to leave here.  Then pick a new puzzle to take home.  This is completely free.  If you bring one, you leave with one.  Bring in two leave with two, Etc.  

Want to puzzle for a bit with us?  No problem...we will have a puzzle set up for anyone that wants to stay and puzzle for a bit.  This is free to do as well.

What's even better?  Shop our store and get 10% off any purchases you make while you are here to exchange a puzzle.  We have an amazing stock of fabric, yarns, notions, craft kits, and more.  

No need to sign up for this event, just show up.  Kids and adult puzzles welcome.  Selection of puzzles will vary depending on what others have taken or left.  

April 5--May 3--June 7--July 5--August 2--September 6--October 11--November 1--December 6