Splatter Studio Open Hours


If you have a group larger than 6, give us a call at 402-483-4232 or email christy@makittakit.com to make your reservation.

Our splatter room is available to reserve during our open hours for $25/person. 

Children 5 and under will require an adult in the Splatter Room with them.

You will complete a finished art project on a 8" x 10" canvas. There is space in our splatter room for spectators (at your own risk) so you can take pics/videos. 

Your canvas will be VERY WET. We have drying racks and you should be prepared to leave them for AT LEAST 24 hours. You can come back any time during our open hours or make arrangements for a later pickup time. 

Want to make it a party? Click here to book.

DID YOU ORDER A DEAL FROM THE RADIO PROMOTION?  Please email christy@makittakit.com or call 402-483-4232 during business hours to set up your appointment.  DO NOT BOOK A COUPON OR PROMOTION DEAL HERE!