Sublimation Acrylic Paint

Type: retail

Are you ready to take your craft sublimation projects to the next level?

Announcing the next generation of craft sublimation! Artesprix Iron-on-Ink is proud to introduce you to Sublimation Acrylic Paint. Never could you create one-of-a-kind, heat transfer designs with the flow, control, and unique texture of acrylic paint.

First, there were sublimation inks and toners that require expensive printers to produce heat transfer designs. In 2018 Artesprix introduced sublimation markers to the world of craft enthusiasts. But the Iron-on-Ink team didn’t stop there. Next, Artesprix developed an entire ecosystem of professional sublimation supplies to give crafters the tools they need to get the results they want.

Then came our line of sublimation stamps, and now with sublimation paints, Artesprix is the brand you trust when it comes to sublimation innovation.

Just like all our other sublimation products, the heat transfer process works the same for Sublimation Acrylic Paint. Use a sheet of regular copy paper to create your design, then use a heat source to transfer your artwork onto a polyester or polyester-coated blank.

However, one key difference with Artesprix Sublimation Acrylic Paint is the ability to mix your own colors! With three primary colors, plus black and white, you can mix your color pallet any way you like. Just keep in mind your colors always appear brighter and more vibrant after they are transferred.

You’ll have so much fun working in this fantastic new medium. Just image what you can do with different brushstrokes to create amazing textures in your designs. Once you’ve mastered our painting skills, you won’t believe what you can do when you start pouring your paints.

When we say next generation, we mean it. Now get ready to experience it for yourself. 

  • 2oz Squeezable Bottles
  • Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and White Lightening Medium