Super Eco Cloth - Paper Towel Replacements

by Gleener
Type: Retail
  • SUPER THIRSTY:  Absorbing 15x its weight, the Super Eco Cloth quickly soaks up spills, and effortlessly polishes surfaces. 
  • SUPER ECO-FRIENDLY:   Durable, reusable, and biodegradable. A sustainable alternative to paper towels, dish cloths or sponges. Wipe up messes, without wiping out the forest.  
  • SUPER ECONOMICAL:   Replacing over 15,000 sheets of paper towel, each Super Eco Cloth can save you over $400! 
  • EASY TO USE:   Simply rinse, dry, reuse, and feel good about taking better care of our planet. For a deep clean, run through the dishwasher, or machine wash. Hang or lay flat to dry. Reuse up to 18 months, then toss in the compost bin.  
  • GENTLE & EFFECTIVE:   Soft on hands when wet and scratch-free on all surfaces, trust the Super Eco Cloth to muscle through dirt, grime, dust, and spills, leaving behind nothing but a streak-free shine.  
  • QUICK DRYING:   Naturally antibacterial and quick drying. 
  • SUPER HERO:   Certified by the USDA to contain 100% renewable and biobased content.  
  • COMPOSITION:   70% plant-based cellulose, 30% cotton