T-Spin Bamboo Tunisian Interchangeable Set


Made with Moso Bamboo and a stainless steel join, which makes for no no drag, smooth transitions and secure connections. Pairing those attributes along with having a pointy head and the amazing Red Twist Cables that have absolutely no memory making them the best cords out there! This hook set has it all!

This set includes:

  • Eleven Tunisian Crochet Hooks in sizes E - N including size 7!
  • Four Twist Small cables - two 8", one 14", and one 22"
  • Four End Stoppers
  • Four Adapters
  • Two Connectors
  • Tightening Keys
  • Size is permanently laser marked on each hook 
  • Plus a Needle Gauge!

All of this fits into a great securely packed inside a compact, zippered, book style case!