Walnut Hollow Creative Wood Burner


Exchange your pencils and paper for a new creative media with Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner Tool! Beginners can learn the art of wood burning and become novice artists who can expand their techniques and skills. This tool features a slim handle that is easy to hold and attaches directly to the stable power base.

Advanced, detailed work as well as general wood burning techniques are easy with the precise temperature gauge, and the four creative points that heat up and cool down extremely fast, allowing the user to change out points efficiently. A perfect starter tool for entry level wood burners, this wood burning tool can be used by individuals of all wood burning skill levels. 


Package Contains:

  • 1 - Wire Tip Wood Burning Tool With Comfort Grip
  • 1 - Power Base With Variable Temperature Control and Adjustable Tool Stand
  • 4 - Creative Points
  • 1 - Tweezer Tool For Easy Point Removal
  • 1 - Tool Stand
  • Graphite Transfer Paper
  • Inspiration guide With Instructions